To ALL Searchbots, Search-Engineers, and Their Admins:


I have noticed many entries in my Anti-Hack Logs, that should never appear there (coming from any legitimate searchbot) in the first place.

Here is a short list of examples:

1 ) /?p=204,

2 ) /?author=2,

3 ) /?mode2&menu&page=7 (Which has been “deprecated” for several years!),

* * *

My website,, uses the current version of WordPress to render its pages. It also uses what is called “Search-Engine-Friendly” (SEF) Links! Being that the “old-style” standard of links (IE: By query-string addressing, as exampled in above list) is NO LONGER USED to access any of the website’s pages — Due to hazards of SQL-Injection Attacks, “Poisoned Cookies”, and similar intrusive means to attempt to compromise website security. So PLEASE, update the coding standards of your various searchbots to reflect this!


To my understanding,

SEF-Links was strongly recommended to help improve Search-Engine Friendliness, and improve SEO-Rankings. So WHY are there still searchbots which try to access webpages by the old Query-String method? ? ? — ANY attempted access to any of these pages, by Query-String (GET) method, gets blocked and logged into my Hacking-Detection Logs. Your searchbots are helping to pollute my logs with needless “false positives”, by tripping my Anti-Hacking Protection System using the old access methods.

After all,

It was YOU, the Search-Engine companies, who campaigned to make SEF-Links a global, internet-wide standard! ! ! So PLEASE use them instead of the old, outdated GET-method means!

– Thank you, and truly yours,

– “The Admin” of: Temple of The Ancient Dragons (dot) org.

PS: Also, please respect that when “I” say that a resource or page is “404 Not Found” -or- “410 Gone”, PLEASE take that as genuine, and have your searchbots cease searching for the NOW-DEFUNCT page or resource!



One Spot of Beauty, In a Gray World

When the Beauty of Life Clings onto Life Itself,

Photo of Fireweed
Fireweed (Epilobium augustifolia), Photo taken: Nov 8th, 2015


We may need a little inspiration to continue doing, that which we feel needs to happen. Life, with all of its challenges and hardships, is also full of anticipation, expectation, curiosity, and the limitless number of possibilities and potentialities. It is all the more reason, worth exploring Life to its every moment. Even a path, traveled only inch-by-inch, will eventually be able to tell the world, that at least someone, has taken the travel, into unfamiliar territory. It is an experience recorded, for others to see, reflect, and also be inspired to carry on, with their own paths of exploration.

There is no “handbook” nor manual on Life. Nor is there any “roadmap” on which path or turn to take, and of when. Each and every Path, is an individual’s own “Sacred Moment of Reflection”. Each and every crossroad, a point of decision. Each and every step, a movement towards the goal, a nuance, or a progress towards an ultimate understanding of who and what we are, and of who or what we may become. It is a Path worth the travel, even with its ruts, stones, and other hazards. It is THAT state of Being in Motion, Here and Now, that we begin to realize our Path, is our own!

THIS is worth a Life experienced, because it is a Life well-lived, no matter where, when, or how we came to it. THAT is the eternal beauty of Life, with all of its “unknowns”.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,