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The Psychic Pillow


( Used beneath a crystal ball, etc. )

  • 2 parts Sea Salt ( fine would probably work best ),
  • 2 parts Anise Seed ( whole ),
  • 3 parts Vervain ( dried ),
  • 1 part Yarrow ( dried ),
  • 1 part Oak Moss,
  • ½ part Frankincense ( powder will also work ),
  • ½ part Myrrh ( powder ).

The dried ingredients can be put into a 3” X 3” Purple cotton bag ( “pillow” ).

Once the “psychic pillow” is finished and sewn closed, it can be placed under a crystal ball or other scrying tool to help enhance its scrying effects.

It may be a good idea to prepare and assemble the items within a protected circle so as to prevent external energies and influences from affecting your desired results.

Now, for help with “sweet dreams” at night, one could use something like this psychic pillow recipe to make a pouch-sachet to put under your own pillow. You might want to add about a half ounce of dried Lavender to help make it more pleasing to the senses. I sometimes find that the gentle scent of Lavender helps me go to sleep a little quicker, and slip into that dream state a little easier.

Enjoy using your new psychic pillow! 😉

Rev. Dragon’s Eye